Bruce Gandy

Bruce Gandy


First of all, I'm not a world-reknowned bagpiper! Although that's usually what you get when you Google "Bruce Gandy". So who am I?

Well, I designed and built this website (because that's one of the things I do for fun and profit) so I must be into Information Technology. I took the picture above in Florida in October, 2006 and took another self-portrait for the pic to the left in January of 2013, after losing 22 pounds using, so I must be into photography.

That's it?

Not quite. I'm a Business Analyst, Project Manager, a Lotus Notes/Domino Consultant, a Teacher, a Writer, a Singer and spent the first part of my adult life earning my living as a professional actor/director/writer. When the roads are clear, I ride my bike every day because there's nothing more relaxing than riding a bicycle. Unless the wind is whipping and it's 11° above zero. (Not that it's stopped me before.)

So, take a look around and thanks for stopping by.

Always good to hear from old friends or make new ones.