Bruce Gandy

Bruce Gandy

About Bruce Gandy

While my family tree has extensive roots in the British Isles, and I enjoy listening to the pipes, I wouldn't know how to play them if my life depended on it. So if you're looking for THAT Bruce Gandy, I suggest that you return to the Google results page.

What I AM is the first-born of six siblings, father of one daughter, step-father of two sons, enamored of my wife, Lucinda Pitcher, mentor, technologist, writer, bicyclist, friend to the poor, enemy of the wicked, defender of the planet, and singer of songs. And sometimes I get a little carried away with my descriptions. Oh well.

Growing up in rural southern New Jersey (however, we did have a traffic light), I then graduated from Montclair State University with a major in English -- what, you thought I was going to start at the beginning? Prior to graduation I took a course in acting and the acting bug bit me. Halfway through my junior year, I changed my major from Chemistry to English, graduated and headed off to New York to make my fortune in showbiz.

Well, it wasn't a fortune but I was making a living in showbiz. Finally, since I had taken a course in word processing and had started "temping", that led me to other technologies and before I knew it, the computer bug really bit me. In 1990, I withdrew from the three acting unions (and started working in community theater), set up my first company, started teaching technology, buying PCs, hiring others, learning everything I could about computers. I earned technical certifications and literally taught technology around the US and around the world (London, Nigeria, Canada).

I built my company based on Lotus Notes/Domino as my technology of choice and focused on developing systems for the company. Because Domino has a web component, this led me to website development also.

The Bottom Line

So, if you're looking for a pigeon-hole that I fit into -- wrong guy. I bring passion and expertise to everything I do. The experience I've gained from all of my choices: managing a company, managing projects, application development, faith in God, a wonderful wife and family, showbusiness and all the many jobs I had while trying to succeed there, has allowed me to feel comfortable and confident in any task. Except maybe, playing the bagpipes. But then, I never really tried. Hmm.